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2017-12-06    来源:沪江英语    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

江西快三开奖记录 www.2yuh3.cn 1.Embrace authentic language

Go to find what you love, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, or comics. Or travel back in time to find your favorite childhood Disney songs. You may find that you even want to sing along with them. Jingles and songs learned in any language stick in the mind for decades. Language teachers call these “authentic texts,” which is simply another way to say that this is real, living, breathing language.

2. Use your devices

Think of the technology you use on a daily basis. How about changing the display language? Your computer, your smartphone, your browser, your apps, your GPS, and of course any games you play. It might be worth making a mental note of how to change the language back though, just in case.

3. Build associations with your environment

Your environment is full of vocabulary. Sticky notes are your friends when it comes to labeling every object in your house. Handy tip: Don’t just label stuff, build associations with useful vocabulary. For example, don’t just write "the light switch" but also "to turn on", "to turn off", "bright" and "dark". Reading these associations regularly will help solidify them in your mind. Try making little sentences with them as you go about your day – talking to yourself can be invaluable.

4. Less is more – when you do it regularly

Make it a habit to learn as much as you can every day – and can is the operative word here. You’ve got half an hour? Great. Only 15 minutes today? No problem. It’s still better than cramming for a weekend and then doing nothing for a couple of weeks. What’s important is that you learn regularly, and that you find time for it in your daily routine. If you’re able to integrate language learning into your day instead of trying to set aside “extra” time for it, the chances of it becoming a habit are much better.

5. Use those little spare minutes

When you’re waiting for the bus, whip out your notepad. While you’re walking the dog, listen to that foreign language podcast. Waiting at a cafe? Scan the headlines on China Daily, of course, the English version.

6.Find someone to talk to, even if it's you

Finding a native speaker to talk to is an absolute must if you want to learn a language. Get someone else who’s learning the language, a classmate or colleague. And don’t be afraid to chat in the language you’re learning: everybody who’s ever learned a language has done this at one stage or another. It’s perfect for building your confidence, or trying out new words, so it becomes second nature.

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