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2018-11-22 16:47

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook said new regulations for the tech industry are “inevitable“ in the wake of a series of scandals, rejoining a debate that is intensifying along with political pressure on the company’s rival, Facebook.

苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆?库克(Tim Cook)称,在发生一系列丑闻之后,科技行业“不可避免“面临新的监管。在竞争对手Facebook面临的政治压力日渐加剧之际,苹果再次加入这场辩论。
In an interview to be aired on Sunday, Mr Cook said “the free market is not working“ and politicians will step in.

His comments come amid simmering tension between Apple and Facebook. Earlier this week, Facebook was accused of using underhand tactics as it struggled to contain the fallout from Russian interference on the social network and controversy over the leak of user data to Cambridge Analytica, the research firm.
库克的此番言论是在苹果与Facebook之间不断升温的紧张气氛中发表的。上周早些时候,Facebook被控使用阴招遏制俄罗斯干预其社交网络所引发的冲击波,以及泄露用户数据给研究公司剑桥分析(Cambridge Analytica)所引发的争议。
Facebook’s actions, reported by the New York Times, included contracting with Definers, a Republican-leaning consultancy, which attempted to smear competitors and opponents on its behalf.
据《纽约时报》(New York Times)报道,Facebook的行为包括与倾向共和党的咨询公司Definers签约,后者试图为其诋毁竞争对手和反对者。
In an interview with the Axios website taped before those revelations which will be broadcast on HBO on Sunday night, Mr Cook said the tech industry should embrace regulation.
“Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of regulation,“ he said. “I’m a big believer in the free market. But we have to admit when the free market is not working. And it hasn’t worked here. I think it’s inevitable that there will be some level of regulation . . . I think Congress and the administration at some point will pass something.“
A Definers’ affiliate called NTK Network posted dozens of articles blasting Apple and Google for “unsavoury business practices“, including calling Mr Cook hypocritical for criticising Facebook over privacy, it was reported.
据报道,Definers旗下一家名为NTK Network的子公司发表了数十篇文章,抨击苹果和谷歌(Google)“的商业行为令人厌恶“,包括称库克在隐私问题上批评Facebook是虚伪的。
Definers told the NYT that their work on Apple was funded by a different technology company. Facebook has denied it paid Definers to smear anyone and cancelled its contract with the company.
Facebook was also reported to have told employees to ditch their iPhones for Android alternatives. Facebook said this was because Android is the largest global operating system.
Mr Cook has tried to put clear water between Apple, which makes most of its money from selling hardware, and advertising-based tech platforms, particularly Facebook, on the issue of privacy.
“This is not a matter of privacy versus profits, or privacy versus technical innovation. That’s a false choice,“ he told Axios.
US politicians have been discussing how to regulate tech companies for the last two years on issues that vary widely, including privacy, political advertising and competition concerns.

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